Asociación Mexicana de Neuroética

Work Teams

(Exclusive for members and coordinated by at least one member of the Board of Directors)

In addition to academic sessions, members have the opportunity to create and coordinate work teams with other members on a topic of particular interest (for example, neuromodulation, enhancement, free will, neuroscience and law, etc.).

The objective is to stimulate the dialogue on medical, ethical, philosophical, legal, social and ethnocultural issues and concerns related to the development and use of emerging brain technologies.

In these teams, the activity focuses on sharing experiences and knowledge, and achieving teamwork at the local, regional and international levels. They are also an opportunity to open lines of research and generate academic outputs (posters at congresses, presentations at sessions/seminars/congresses, publications, etc.)

Our currently active work teams are:

  1. Global Neuroethics
  2. Neuromodulation
  3. Neurolaw
  4. Neurorights (human rights for the brain and mind)