Asociación Mexicana de Neuroética

Our Work

AMNE aims to disseminate, promote and develop the field of neuroethics within Mexico and at an international level—with a special interest in Latin America—through an inclusive, respectful, ethical, secular and responsible approach. Our work focuses on including academic groups from several contexts and disciplines in order to unite, strengthen and complement global efforts to analyze medical, ethical, philosophical, legal, social and ethnocultural-diversity concerns and implications. This analysis has the potential to contribute to maximize safety and benefits as well as anticipating and/or minimizing risks in the development and use of neuroscience and neurotechnology—and artificial intelligence.

It should be noted that the aforementioned analysis is mainly conducted in countries with significant brain projects and who are members of the International Brain Initiative. However, the specific implications and concerns in the cultures and contexts of countries with little to no production of major neuroscientific and neurotechnological advances—and artificial intelligence—are underrepresented. These countries, contexts and cultures represent 68% of the global population (OECD, 2021), so a significant percentage of perspectives and attitudes regarding the use of said advanced tools and their possible impact on “what it means to be human”1 remains unknown. This knowledge gap may have safety, effectiveness and validity implications in the development and use of neuroscience, neurotechnology and artificial intelligence at a global level, hence the importance of developing neuroethics in other countries and regions such as Mexico and Latin America.

Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible organization, AMNE is committed to performing actions which are directly beneficial to society. One of such actions is to provide truthful and scientifically supported information in accessible language on relevant topics of neuroethics by means of talks and social media.