Asociación Mexicana de Neuroética


The Asociación Mexicana de Neuroética (AMNE) (Mexican Association of Neuroethics)

Is an organization consisting of an interdisciplinary group of professionals from different parts of the world who are interested in the growing and emerging medical, ethical, philosophical, legal, social and ethnocultural-diversity challenges derived from the development and use of neuroscience, neurotechnology and—because of its significant impact on human life—artificial intelligence.

Our approach is focused on sharing, collaborating on and complementing the work of the global academic community.

In this way, AMNE joins the international efforts to “address, enrich and anticipate the ethical, legal and social implications generated by innovative and emerging neuroscience and neurotechnologies”.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

As an organization, AMNE takes pride in being inclusive of gender, race, culture, geographic location, nationality, socioeconomic status, sexual preference and identity, disability, political ideology, religion and bioethical positions.


AMNE’s mission is to create a platform for intellectual, interdisciplinary and multicultural collaboration and contribution—with special emphasis on Latin America—to strengthen, develop and complement global efforts pertaining the ethical and responsible use of emerging brain technologies.


AMNE’s vision is to be an academic force in neuroethics at the local, regional and global levels with the ability to foster (a) the development and use of emerging brain technologies, (b) the inclusion of cognitive and cultural diversity, (c) the implementation of public policies and legislation, (d) respect for human rights, and (e) the professional training of neuroethicists.


AMNE’s core values are respect for diversity, inclusion, responsibility, professionalism, integrity, collaboration, equity, commitment and solidarity.