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At AMNE, we disseminate, promote and develop the field of neuroethics within Mexico and at an international level.

The Asociación Mexicana de Neuroética (AMNE)
(Mexican Association of Neuroethics)

is an organization consisting of an interdisciplinary group of professionals from different parts of the world who are interested in the growing and emerging medical, ethical, philosophical, legal, social and ethnocultural-diversity challenges derived from the development and use of neuroscience, neurotechnology and—because of its significant impact on human life—artificial intelligence.

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SARS-CoV-2 has had an unprecedented impact on many dimensions of human life. At the level of the brain, certain alterations that directly impact mental health have been described. There have also been indirect repercussions on mental well-being that stem from confinement and which have raised bioethical and neuroethical concerns.

Another concern that has been expressed is the perception of risk and its impact on the distribution of medical resources as well as the impact on the mental health of health professionals who must make moral decisions constantly.

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